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There is no denying that plastic disc filters are an integral part of any crop – it is important that they are of high quality and have excellent efficiency, because thanks to this we will be sure of effective removal of any impurities. This may significantly affect the quality and abundance of all crops in the long run, so it is not worth compromising on the quality of filters and opting for the best solutions available on the market.

If you need elements at the highest level, you will certainly be pleased to be able to use our services. Each disc filter you will find in our offer is characterized by full functionality as well as excellent performance, so it is an excellent option for every private client and larger, growing enterprises that use extensive irrigation systems.

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Disc filters produced by us are mainly designed to remove mechanical impurities of various kinds from water. Their use ensures perfect water purity, thanks to which all kinds of crops will be able to enjoy excellent condition, regardless of their size, extent and what kind of plants we are dealing with. The disc filter works on a very simple principle, but its application is extremely important.

It is worth paying attention to the highest quality filters, as well as a high-quality drain valve (e.g. 130 microns) – fortunately, we offer products that even the greatest specialists in the industry would be proud of. We also offer red discs that guarantee excellent flow quality and that any contamination will not be a problem regardless of the type and size of the irrigation system.


The issue that our products can be most proud of is certainly their effectiveness. We care about the satisfaction of each customer, therefore we offer disc filters that will ensure water of perfect purity. The absence of pollution is certainly extremely important during even the most modest cultivation, and we are able to guarantee it. It is also worth noting that the delivery of all ordered products is carried out very efficiently, so soon you will be able to enjoy products whose principle of operation is extremely simple, and their functionality cannot be overestimated.

A wide selection of drives is our specialty – we have been leaders in this industry for many years, constantly expanding the ever-growing group of regular customers. This proves that the disc filters we offer are of the highest quality, as evidenced by the numerous opinions of both private customers and representatives of the largest companies dealing with various types of crops. Thanks to us, they can provide services at the highest possible level.


Disc filters have a large filtration surface, thanks to which the disc filter for water has various applications in gardening. Such a system for use ensures high filtration of water from impurities.

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