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Consistent and invariable quality is the priority of Milex. Highly qualified staff and specialised equipment in the company’s laboratory guarantee constant control over the manufactured products. State-of-the-art professional testing equipment allows for continuous monitoring of production processes, as well as the testing of technical parameters and performance properties of products. The in-house laboratory is also a testing ground for new solutions developed in line with the policy of continuous development.

We conduct research in fields such as:

  • determining the melt flow index of plastics;
  • determining density by immersion;
  • determining pigment dispersion;
  • determining melting temperatures and degree of crystallinity of polymers by scanning calorimetry;
  • measuring geometrical dimensions of pipes and fittings;
  • checking the appearance and colour of pipes and fittings;
  • determining the resistance of pipes to internal pressure by hydrostatic test in a temperature range 20-110°C;
  • determining the resistance of pipes to slow crack propagation;
  • determining the resistance of pipes to atmospheric conditions;
  • determining tensile mechanical properties;

To care for our customers, we only supply products of the highest quality, manufactured and used in harmony with the natural human environment.

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