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Screen, disk and gravel filters are used for water treatment. Watermil’s water impurity removal filter provides the highest quality and long service life of our products.


Screen filters allow one to mechanically separate the impurities present in water. This is possible owing to special mesh screens installed in the filter housing. This solution efficiently removes solid particles from the water. Importantly: screen filters can be used as stand-alone filters placed in the installation, as well as supplementary filters when installed downstream of a gravel filter.

Based on the way they are cleaned, screen filters are divided into:

  • manual – in order to clean such a filter, we have to pull out its cartridge and rinse it under running water;
  • semi-automatic – these filters have a dirt sensor that tells us when they need to be cleaned. There is a crank on the filter housing used to set the cleaning mechanism inside the housing in motion;
  • automatic – in addition to a dirt sensor, these types of screen filters also have a controller with which the screen is automatically cleaned.
Filtry Siatkowe.


Gravel filters used in irrigation systems allow biological contaminants to be removed from the water. They are primarily used when the water source is an open reservoir or a deep well. Gravel filters do their job by using a gravel cartridge of the right granulation to capture the impurities in the water. For this reason, it is primarily the type and form of contamination present in the water that depends on which type of gravel cartridge should be used. It is also relatively common for gravel filters to be used to remove iron from water (iron removers), which is precipitated during the aeration process.

Gravel filters, both manual and automatic, are cleaned by rinsing them. This process occurs as a result of the temporary reversal of the direction of water flow at a lower pressure.

Jaca z kompensacją ciśnienia.


Disc filters are used for water filtration mainly in irrigation systems, avoiding clogging of micro-irrigation lines. Depending on which type of disc cartridge is used, mechanical impurities (e.g. silt or fine sand) can be eliminated from the water by means of the filter. If the water is not heavily impure, then high-quality disc filters can be used as a stand-alone, main filter in a given installation. However, in situations where the amount of impurities is high, they are usually used as post-treatment filters, which are installed downstream of gravel filters.

Currently, manually or automatically cleaned disk filters are available for purchase. In the first case, the cartridge removed from the filter has to be rinsed under a stream of running water. Automatically cleaned filters have a special controller that is responsible for cleaning the individual components of the filter by means of water introduced into the filter under pressure.

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