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About Us

WATERMIL is a Polish manufacturer of drip lines. This Polish brand is based on more than 40 years of experience in the irrigation industry, which its owners can be proud of.

The production of a drip line had been their long-time dream and strategic goal, which was achieved in 2017. It was necessary to purchase professional machinery for production, as well as to create a state-of-the-art laboratory for testing the raw material and the final product.

The start of the brand began with the launch of the production of a drip line under licence from the global manufacturer, RIVULIS brand. The authorisation of production by Rivulis is a world-wide unprecedented achievement. Currently, our factory is the only private manufacturer with Rivulis’ accreditation. Thanks to the acquisition of the know-how of RIVULIS, known worldwide for the excellent performance of the PLASTRO emitter, and the testing of products in a modern laboratory, the WATERMIL drip lines quickly won the trust of customers.

Currently, the WATERMIL range is being expanded with products we have developed based on our many years of experience which we could not find in other manufacturers.

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